When the going gets tough…

Wow!  This was quite a week at OA!  Our rather large high school population decided to try the old “strength in numbers” routine in an attempt to take over.  And let me tell you, these kids are very talented disrupters indeed.

We were questioned and defied at every turn.  Inappropriate comments flew from mouths like kamikaze pilots.  Tempers flared and tears flowed.  However, I am more than pleased to say we persevered, and Friday morning arrived with all the sweetness that comes from facing a battle and surviving it.

We live to fight another day.

You may want to know how we did it.  You may think, “Oh, Lord – here comes another Love and Logic sermon.”  Nah.  We just all stuck together.  Like glue.

I really can’t fully express how thankful I am to work with a faculty and staff that is “all in”.  At the beginning of last year, we playfully nicknamed each other after the Avengers superheroes ruling the box office.  I am proud to answer to She Hulk, and my teaching partner, Adam Hopkins, is otherwise known as Captain America. The other members of our team include Storm, Scarlet Witch (just Scarlet for short), Spiderwoman, Pepper Potts, and, of course, Director Fury.  This may seem silly, but it really does feel like we are a team working together towards a greater goal.  When Fury calls for She Hulk on the radio, I know I am on a mission.  When Scarlet calls for assistance from Captain, he flies to the rescue.  And when the Avengers assemble, there is no obstacle that we can’t face together.

All I’m trying to say is this: do everything you can to create a team amongst the teachers at your school.  It takes a village to raise a child, as well as to teach one.  Don’t try to go it alone.  This job is too unpredictable, stressful, and challenging for that!

So squad up,  fellow educators! Even Frodo couldn’t have saved Middle Earth on his own!







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